Who are we?

ASDES is a Community Interest Company registered with Companies House (registration number 7228202).

ASDES works with autistic and/or neurodivergent individuals to plan for positive opportunities in the workplace and improved well-being.

Job Coaches.

ASDES’ team are all self- employed and experienced in providing support to people in a wide range of environments.  Job Coaches have links with other organisations that can help facilitate the support an individual may need, this includes Job Centres, Housing Associations, Employers and other Third Sector providers.

Job Coaches can meet with individuals in a variety of environments; however, home visits are not encouraged.  Through initial meetings and / or conversations, Job Coaches are able to assess if ASDES services at appropriate to an individual at the given time.

Job Coaches work with individuals to develop action plans and will engage with employers where needed.  ASDES Job Coaches encourage individuals to share with their employer the hurdles that they maybe facing in the workplace in order to create a plan to move forward.

Job Coaches are able to support an individual in their place of work with the given consent of the Employer.  Job Coaches can also keep in touch with individuals by phone, email or text if circumstances do not facilitate access to the workplace.


ASDES has a board of directors who oversee the running and management of the organisation.  Directors ensure that ASDES keeps up to date with its responsibilities to Health and Safety, Environment, Equality and Safeguarding.

Operations Manager.

The Operations Manager is usually the first point of contact for anyone making enquiries to ASDES.  The Operations Manager is responsible for ensuring that the organisation runs effectively on a day to day basis, calling upon the wealth of knowledge from the array of self employed people linked with ASDES.  The Operations Manager works closely with other support organisations to identify opportunities for individuals.  The Operations Manager keeps reports on ASDES’ financial inputs and outputs which are formally accounted for at the end of each financial year with accredited accountants and uploaded to Companies House.